Interior design psychology for mindful women.
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Live a mindful life.

The Enlightened Nest began as Becker Home.

Over the last ten years we have served clients with impeccable design services, award-winning custom window treatments, and a wide variety of custom interior solutions. While searching for even more meaningful ways to serve you, we created a design practice that improves not only the physical, but also the mental, and spiritual lives of everyone we work for - all through a specialized design process. Thus, Becker Home was re-branded into The Enlightened Nest. While we retain many of the Becker Home services, we now provide a design experience like no other.

An experience that will change your home, AND your life.

Your home should reflect the best parts of you, your family legacy, and your values. Our personal, transformative approach to interior design will help you create intuitive alignment between you and your home.  More than a regular interior design process, The Enlightened Nest experience takes you much deeper into the root of your relationship with your space, taking into consideration your needs for shelter, aesthetic pleasure, and social and personal growth. 

Our Vision and Mission:

Our Vision is a world where people feel supported and empowered in their homes, which enables them to share their love and life’s purpose with the world.

Our Mission is to provide purposeful, self-empowering design services to create mindful and nurturing homes that celebrate and encourage a world of beauty, joy and sense of belonging for the lives of all who live and enter there.

Reclaim your life by redesigning your space.

We aren’t psychologists, and we aren’t organizers, but we do employ strategies from both disciplines. Through our tested mindfulness practices, we help you understand why you can’t let go of certain items, what you should let go of, and how you can introduce positive emotions into your space with designs that pay homage to your past while moving you toward the future.

Not sure what design psychology is? Read all about it right here.

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How can we help?

It is time to feel empowered by your home.

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From self-paced online design classes to full service interior design, we have a package for any design situation.

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