Finding that Me-Time: Design for Stressed Moms

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Do you have a space in your home where you can retreat from everyone?  A place that you do not share with anyone, including spouse or children?  Take a mental tour of your house and think through each room.  If you say the only room you can get away to is the bathroom, then we need to talk! I encourage you to make finding a private space somewhere within your home or outside a priority.  

There is something immeasurable about having a private, comfortable, and recharging space to call your own.

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If you had your own room as a kid, you know exactly what this feels like.  As adults we need these same kinds of spaces, yet we feel like we need to share every room we have.  “Oh, that spare room is the kids’ playroom.”  “We’re going to finish the basement into a game room.”  “I’d have a place to myself but it’s currently the home office.  It feels so sterile.”  I’m here to tell you that not only do you need a change in mindset, but you need it toot suite!  How can you possibly live life, work, raise a family, be a partner, keep everything running, and all life demands met with no personal place to recharge?  Well, aside from the debate that doing all that stuff is just a rat race anyway, we all need our own private reserve, no matter how big, so we can take time to get a grip and tackle the next day that life throws at us.  Find a spare room, a closet, a nook with a folding screen, a corner of the attic, a bench in the garden, ANYWHERE, and make it your own.  No one but you is allowed.  And when you’re there, everyone knows you are not to be disturbed.  We can work on what this place looks like: is there a comfy chair? A beautiful painting on the wall?  What is the color?  Perhaps a fresh mason jar of flowers sits on a desk? Are you surrounded by stacks of books or do you envision a clean minimalist sanctuary? What would you do here?  Write? Nap? Pray? Daydream? Read the last six months of magazines you haven’t gotten to yet?  Whatever it is, make time for creating this space.  It will make all the difference, I promise.

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Amanda Laurence