How to Tap Into Your Own Design Instinct

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I got up with the sunrise today.  I was actually excited to do it. I didn’t want to miss it.  I allowed myself to sit outside to watch it. In fact, I’m still here watching.  The sun seems to be taking its time- allowing me to write and waiting for me to glance up again before it changes just a little bit from pale pink to peach to yellow.

I had to write about this experience because I am NOT a morning person.  I love sleep.  I adore my bed where I can snuggle down in the covers and cocoon. In the fall and winter I love this time of hibernation.  Yeah, I miss a lot of sunrises.  (I’m secretly pretty sure that I decided to work for myself so I could wake up on my own time and not someone else’s and enjoy the sunrise when and if I wanted.)

But today as I write

I sit wondering if people out there are as afraid as I was to let go of rigid ideas of what design is supposed to be.

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You have to let go to create your reality. Be fluid, let the thoughts and memories flow down the river of your brain chaos and believe in the truth that your mind knows the way. Allow yourself to take off the brain mask of protection and let the feelings from past positivity come front and center, no matter how weird it seems:  

  • remembering that time you played in the mud puddle and had such a great time you came home so completely and happily filthy that you had to be hosed off outside before being allowed in the house; 

  • enjoying the feel of the green grass in your favorite hiding place where no one could ever find you; 

  • that smell-memory you get from the chalkboard dust that reminds you of your favorite first grade teacher’s classroom where you excelled at reading to the class. 

What do any of these things have to do with designing your dream home?  What was so very special about these places?  What was the feeling you had there?  What needs of yours were met back then? Perhaps, just perhaps, that yard where you were covered in mud allowed you to spend creative hours outside.  And that pillow you saw in the store yesterday had that exact same shade of spring green. And oh! The softness was exactly like the feel of the blades of grass when you ran your hand over them.  That year in first grade was a great time of learning to read and write, beginning the infant stages of your current love of journaling. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a private space in your home to read and write?  

Everything, everything is connected and intertwined and can point to your inner design plan.  

Everything you need to know is already stored away in your jumbled Rolodex of positive memories.  

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Amanda Laurence