Get an Instant Do-Over with This One Action

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“What if we really only have a 2-second life-span and it’s extended every time we take a breath?” -Adam Becker, 13 year-old genius

My son looked at me and asked me last night during dinner.  I just blinked back at him, digesting his words. “oh, wow….”, I breathed, completely taken back by the depth of insight in that statement.  “Deep shower thoughts”, he grinned at me and carried on with his food.

He didn’t realize how strong of an impact his words had on me, and I had to sit and meditate on why exactly that statement really hit me in my gut, like it was an answer to some awaited forgotten prayer I had sent up so long ago that I couldn't remember what I had needed an answer to.  But there it was, in my face.

Life these days, mine in particular, is filled with absolute excitement and joy at my new adventure down The Enlightened Nest path.  I can’t wait to share it with the world, teach everyone about their innate ability to discover their own design genius, and heal the world one living room at a time.  But with all this excitement comes huge stress. There is a reason people don’t follow their dreams. Sure, fear is one. But the other is that to do it, we have to face the Mount Everest of details and problems and learning curves that are in the background before we can even launch our dream out into the world.  Sifting and sorting through all of these necessary elements has left me feeling overwhelmed and honestly, stagnant at times. And totally unable to breathe.

I suppose that’s why Adam’s words hit me so hard.  I’ve been working like a crazy person, trying to carry on without breathing. And I understood in that moment that every two seconds I get to start again.  I get an entirely new opportunity to do-over, regroup, step back, evaluate or rest thirty times a minute. In one 12 hour period I get 360 opportunities at a new life.   Annual New Year’s resolutions have got nothin’ on that. Deep thoughts indeed, son.

This realization left me wondering how this applies to all of you.  What does this have to do with interior design? Know that The Enlightened Nest is way more than interior design, it’s about taking a deep breath and living life in your space to the fullest. It’s a way of filling your soul with visual representations of what makes you, you.  It’s about creating a space that nurtures and comforts and holds you during all of those 2-second lives. The exciting, the joyful, the sad and the ugly. When we have homes that allow us to be us, and improve from one breath to the next we can be whole. We can safely handle our daily stress, and heal ourselves so we can go back out and share our gifts with the world.

Breathe deeply, friends.


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Monique Becker