Seven Benefits of Mindful Design

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Be Authentic.  We hear that a lot these days. It’s the “key to living” say all the self help books (I know, because I’ve read most of them.). But how do we do that when it comes to our home design?  Sometimes dealing with kids, homework, laundry and a sink full of dirty dishes is authentic as we can be. But here’s the cool thing- This design technique knows and supports our one wild and crazy life.  It allows for our flaws and our woulda-shouldas. It creates space for us to deeply explore our personal needs of home, an experience that presents us with such “ah-ha” moments we find ourselves freely letting go of elements in our space that no longer serve us.  Once we KNOW what our authentic design is, accomplishing the finished result becomes fun and, dare I say, easy.

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Knowing our authentic style gives us the power to:

  • make smart design purchases

  • create a savings plan to buy exactly what we want

  • clear out the things *without guilt * that we’ve been saving even though we know it will never work for us

  • have patience and fun with the design process

  • confidently affirm that which brings us peace and joy in our homes

  • create our dream space

  • move past and let go of design “mistakes”

Design from Within is like having the benefit of an interior designer and a self-help guru in your purse at the same time.   

Imagine for a moment, coming home to a place of serenity and authenticity; a home without judgement.  The energy around you flows freely, releasing barriers you didn’t realize you had put into place. Opportunities become reachable, and once overgrown pathways clear and lead you towards fulfillment.  Your intuition sings out with delight at your acknowledgment, and you trust in your soul’s purpose on this earth.

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Who could you become if you allowed yourself to feel and live and dream in a nurturing space such as this?  I’m here to tell you that creating this everyday place of peace is a radical version of self-care.

Yet, we continue to struggle with making this necessary shift.  We’ve been led to feel guilt about “want”, setting our soul on a path of subconscious acceptance of “good enough” .  We are constantly working on our mindful practices, yet we accept our mediocre physical surroundings as insurmountable.  We continue to tell ourselves that a room with the perfect paint color doesn’t matter; a kitchen that makes it take twice as long to cook a meal is just fine; and those stacks of books,receipts, old gum wrappers and laundry isn’t really in our line of sight.  And we pretend like it doesn’t matter.

Perhaps you have a room that you painted a color that looked great in the store.  Only to get in on the walls and realize it was all wrong.  You sigh and continue to live with it. But now you rarely spend time in that space because you are uncomfortable with the color energy, or hate to be reminded of the mistake.  

Maybe piles of “stuff” distract your thoughts when you could be focusing on that next moment with family, friends, or working on your life’s purpose.  Do you heave another sigh and continue to walk around it all?

Or your kitchen layout is completely dysfunctional.  You love to cook, but what was once a joy is now a task because the energy in the space is so convoluted.  Sigh.

You’ll get to fix it all eventually, you tell yourself.  After the kids are grown. After I save enough money. After I can figure out a design.  After I talk to my partner. After I get through the holidays. After my workload lightens… After, after, after.  

And to this I say, my dear friend: Are you truly happy?

I’m willing to bet what you really are is tired.

But here’s the awesome news: You don’t have to be rich to have a home that fills your soul.  You don’t have to have the best of the best. You don’t have to style your home in the latest trends.  The time has come to use the mindfulness and innate wisdom you’ve worked so hard to cultivate to visualize YOUR threshold for creating the sweet spot between function and beauty. Beauty that comes from our being able to find ourselves and live out our life’s purpose.  Beauty that arises in moments of clarity when everything else is falling apart around us. Beauty in a satisfying moment with family and friends after enjoying a meal together; a nap on the sofa in a room painted a soothing shade; or a clear head able to make decisions without distractions from clutter.  

Only you know the specific design that can accomplish all of this, and like any mindfulness practice, you just have to start.  When we create space physically we automatically create space emotionally.  Living in beauty means we are finally able to listen to our hearts and acknowledge the wisdom we hold there.  We are able to truly live when we are supported by our home. We radiate positivity and love to those we meet, causing a ripple effect towards the rest of creation.  

Reach out to me for a 20% off discount code for Design From Within. Work at your own pace online, or apply to work with me as your virtual designer and coach.

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Monique Becker