Introverts-r-Us: 6 Tips to Create Your Personal Oasis

Yeah, I’ve said it.  I’m an introvert. I’m not anti-social, but, y’all, I spend a lot of time in my head.  It used to be waaaayyyy too much time. Thankfully I have dear friends that know when to get me out of my own way.

Seriously though, A lot of people I meet are surprised to discover I’m an introvert.  I really enjoy working one-on-one with my clients, I’m a pretty social person, and I love a good night out on the town.   But the reality is that I get my energy from alone time. Once my batteries are completely run down from all of that social human interaction, curling up in my window seat with my journal or a good book and a cup of tea is just what this soul needs when it’s time to recharge.  Thankfully, I’ve created a cozy space in my home that supports this down time and gives me the space to renew my spirit so I can get on with the business of life.

Create a space for “Me Time”.

Create a space for “Me Time”.

Even if you’re not technically an introvert, we all need this space to call our own.  

And a well-designed private room or area takes into consideration our own unique needs of aesthetic beauty.  Consider focusing on these 6 areas when you create your rejuvenating space:

  1. Color.  The colors I find soothing may have the opposite reaction for you. What do you find relaxing and/or cozy?  Do you want a feeling of a calming blue-green beach esthetic, or maybe a deep burgundy on the walls gives you a cocooning feeling of comfort.

  2. Art.  Surround yourself with pieces that make your heart sing.  They don’t have to be meaningful to anyone but you. Listen to my webinar here for some in-depth discussion on this very topic.

  3. Furniture.  How do you envision using this space?  Will you need a desk for writing? Perhaps a recliner instead with a fuzzy blanket and an end table with a beautiful lamp.  Maybe you might like to nap in here, so a twin bed with beautiful throw pillows might be exactly what your soul needs. Perhaps you just need empty floor space for some quiet yoga or meditation.

  4. Light. Do you need a room that’s bright with natural light, or do you feel best in a cozy dark room?  The light bulbs matter. For a more warm, incandescent light that we are used to, look for warm white LED bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K.  It will be written on the box. Avoid CFL, or cool white LED bulbs. They create a cold fluorescent cast that disrupts our normal circadian rhythm. Even better, include a candle or two for your own mood lighting.  

  5. Sound.  Noisy traffic outside?  Kids yelling? Appliances humming?  Try to pay attention to the noises around you and how they affect your quiet time.  Temper the disruptive sounds with soothing music, a white noise machine, or a tabletop fountain with bubbling water. I love my soothing music playlist running in the background while I relax.

  6. Privacy.  Don’t forget to let people know that when you are in your space that you’re not to be disturbed.  Even if you can only sneak away for 5 minutes, make sure the door has a lock, or at the very least, a Do Not Disturb sign.  Please set boundaries with your family. Even young children can be taught that Mom has her own “time out” space.

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No matter what you decide to incorporate into your space, how big or small it is, or where it’s located, just make time to do it.  Make it a quick weekend project. Forget about perfecting it. Once you have your area set up, and you begin to spend time in there you will intuitively know what to add or take away.  It is an evolving process that is meant to be enjoyed, enabling you some creative self-care as you gradually build your personal oasis.

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Monique Becker