Create the Perfect Outdoor Design Using Your Five Senses

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Do you make sure your home design targets all of your senses?  Mindful interior design is more than just creating rooms that look beautiful.  Sure, we routinely appreciate good design with our eyes. But how often do you consider touch, sound, smell, and yes, even taste when planning your best space?  

Relax here.

Relax here.

Summer is the perfect time to learn how to incorporate all of your five senses into your intentional design plan.  And once you’ve mastered this technique, you will have automatically tapped into your sixth sense - intuition - coming full circle with your authentically inspired home.

This time of year you find yourself spending an increased amount of time outside.  Is your outdoor living space up to snuff? I spent some time in my yard this weekend taking stock of the things I needed to do to get my patio summer-ready.  I also took notice of how the design of my yard and patio serve my emotions perfectly, creating a sensory picnic: colorful and scented flowers, flavors abundant in the raised vegetable gardens, water trickling in the fountain, and soft grass underneath my bare feet.  SO MUCH ZEN in one small area.

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This coming month I’ll be zeroing in on each of our senses and showing you how to pay attention to your emotional design needs intentionally, and with grace.  Stay tuned next time as you learn how to incorporate sound into your mindful home.

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