Interior design psychology for mindful women.



Begin your journey with The Enlightened Nest by choosing the package or service that best suits you and your learning and design needs. We will walk you through all of the steps it takes to make your house a home. We help you take into consideration your family’s needs, your lifestyle and of course the ascetic you dream of, tying everything together to create a design you'll fall in love with every day.



If you have registered for our Design From Within Program or hourly Design Services, we will take the ball from here and create the perfect design for you as part of the service you have purchased. If you selected either the group or self-study programs, you will have the knowledge to put your design plan into action. You also have the option to purchase any of our add-on services at a discounted rate.



Your soul-nourishing home awaits you with open arms. The day you are finished will be the best day of this entire project. It will be the day you can curl up with your family with an nice glass of wine and just enjoy the amazing surroundings that you have achieved, and be proud not only of your home but your accomplishments.